Baxi Boilers Blackpool from John Leadley

Baxi Boilers Blackpool from John Leadley. John Leadley plumbing company offers only the best of the best in the industry to its clients, and this is no exception when it comes to the heartbeat of our homes: boilers. John Leadley prides itself on making sure customers are informed and satisfied with boiler products and services, and that’s why Baxi boilers specifically are on the top of John Leadley’s list.

Baxi boilers are the top high efficiency boilers in the U.K. heating world and have been around since the 1860’s. Baxi without a doubt has all but paved the way for innovative and state of the art boilers. Through incredible breakthrough design Baxi boilers offer outstanding performance while still providing the convenience of compact size and affordability. In short Baxi knows what they’re doing and you will be hard pressed to find any other brand this good.

Baxi boilers are small enough to be installed behind something as tiny as a fireplace yet they still hold the capability to provide hot water for both central and localized heating systems combined. Baxi boasts safe boilers for any type of space and they guarantee quick responsiveness if there is ever an issue with your boiler. Baxi stands by and believes in their products so much that they offer up to 10 years in warranty.

Baxi has multiple awards under its belt with its latest being the 2014 Energy Efficient Product of the Year. Baxi continues to offer the most reliable boilers on the market to their customers. John Leadley plumbing prides itself on only offering its customers the leading and premium products available. So it is no surprise that we do back Baxi boilers 100% of the way.

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Baxi Boilers Blackpool